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HDMI2USB – Production Board Bring Up – Day 5, 6 and 7 (25th, 26th and 27th July 2014)

25th July 2014

Streaming System Hacking

  • Made the configuration system better and adding a lot of comments to the json file (which isn’t really valid json any more).
  • Made slightly better and able to parse PyOhio format (based on the PyCon US format).
  • Added hack to make to use at some periods.
  • Set up a bunch of encoders in the Oregon EC2 region.
  • Get access to again and deployed the updated website.


26th July 2014

  • Went into the Adelaide Hackerspace and created a cable to interface the USB3300 ULPI chip to 2xPMOD headers.
  • Got streaming working for day 1 of PyOhio, it was late as we were disorganised.
  • aps-sids foolishly pointed out a bug in the title of the streaming system, so I taught him about how we actually flumotion for an event.


 27th July 2014

  • Did a lot of spreadsheet hacking on the production board pin planning spreadsheet;
    • Added half bank / BUFIO2 regions.
    • Added dedicated clock pin information.
  • Started work on reshuffling the pins to fix the timing issue.
  • Helped aps-sids get Flumotion working on the latest Twisted release. Turned out that someone else had already done most of the work and only a couple very small fixes where needed. aps-sids reported that he was now able to run flumotion on Ubuntu Trusty!


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