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HDMI2USB – Production Board Bring Up – Day 2 (22nd July 2014)

Non-HDMI2USB related stuff

HDMI2USB related stuff

  • Worked from Joel’s house today to receive the production HDMI2USB boards, they didn’t turn up 🙁
  • Create a trusty VM on server for Joel to setup HDMI2USB CI on.
  • Investigated origin of files in HDMI2USB code. Current status seems to be;
    • hdl/edid – Written by us (Jahanzeb).
    • hdl/hdmi – Mostly written by Xilinx and released in application notes. Need to figure out the exact licensing of the files (are they MIT? Only for use on Xilinx parts?) and move them to third party.
    • hdl/jpeg_encoder – OpenCores mkjpeg core. Need to move to third party.
    • hdl/usb – Written by us (Jahanzeb).
    • ipcore_dir – Cores generated by Xilinx. Need to figure out the exact licensing of the files (are they MIT? Only for use on Xilinx parts?) and move them to third party.
    • cypress – Confusing mess. We know this and plan to rewrite the firmware using only FOSS tools.
      • Bunch of proprietary binary blobs.
      • Bunch of headers of unknown copyright.
      • Bunch of code written by us.
  • Logged a lot of bugs about warnings Xilinx tools are generating when compiling the firmware.
  • Made generate a file for Atlys functionally identical to existing HDMI2USB.ucf file. Was able to successfully build the firmware with generate HDMI2USB.ucf file for the Atlys board.
  • Started trying to get firmware to compile with the Numato HDMI2USB.ucf file, ran into the following issue
Phase 4.2 Initial Placement for Architecture Specific Features
ERROR:Place - ConstraintResolved NO placeable site for
ERROR:Place - SIO has over-constrained componet hdmiMatri_Comp/dvi_rx1/ioclk_buf
 to have to placeable sites. Constraints come from driver constraints AND load
 IO constraints
/bin/sh: line 16: 28981 Segmentation fault (core dumped) map -filter "../ise/iseconfig/filter.filter" -intstyle ise -p xc6slx45-csg324-3 -w -logic_opt off -ol high -xe n -t 1 -xt 0 -register_duplication off -r 4 -global_opt off -mt off -ir off -pr b -lc off -power off -o hdmi2usb_map.ncd hdmi2usb.ngd hdmi2usb.pcf
make: *** [map] Error 139
  • Rohit GSoC mentoring;
    • Emailed Rohit about reimbursement for VGA Board hardware parts.
    • Rohit has shipped me a board which should arrive at Joel’s tomorrow.
    • Weekly mentoring meeting.
    • Reviewed Rohit’s weekly summary blog post.
    • Reviewed Rohit’s VGA board V2 schematic.
    • Reviewed Rohit’s VGA board V2 PCB.

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