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This is a cross post from the HDMI2USB website. and Google Summer of Code 2016!

The project is happy to announce that it has been selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code for 2016 (GSoC). GSoC is a program where students are paid to contribute to selected open source projects over the northern hemisphere summer, flip bits not burgers!

The application period is now open and students have until 25 March 19:00 UTC to apply to work with the project. The list of proposal ideas includes contributing to the HDMI2USB and things related to the Numato Opsis.

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Due to the focus on hardware, we are very interested in students who are interested in things like VHDL/Verilog and other HDLs, embedded C programming and operating systems and electronic circuit/PCB design. Some possible ideas include;

If you are interested in applying, your first point of call should be our Google Summer of Code page. Even if you can’t apply to GSoC, you can also help us by forwarding this message to anyone you might think who is interested!

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