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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

Gaming Miniconf CFP open!

Just in case you missed this, the Gaming Miniconf has opened it’s call for participation. We are not just after presenters either!

This will be the second year that the Gaming Miniconf runs and with your help it will be even better. This Miniconf is not just a bunch of cool talks, it aims to be FUN! The Miniconf will be running some cool interactive demonstrations of FOSS games at the Open Day.

So why not come and participate in this exciting event?

The latest version of the announcement can always be found at woo!

As you may have already noticed, 2008 has announce that registrations are finally open, woot! If you are planning on coming, don’t forget to come to the best miniconf there is, the Gaming Miniconf! I am running it again this year and it is going to be packed with Gaming and Game Development goodness.

Much to my embarrassment I managed to accidentally announce the fact early to the channel, I just happened to check the website for some Gaming Miniconf business and noticed the registration button. Thinking I had missed the announcement (it has been long day) I hopped on to the channel to ask how long it had been opened. Turned out they had just started doing some testing and thanks to me the whole channel jump on being the first to register. Sorry guys!

I have booked my flights and registered, so I am all good to go.

Summer of Code results

If you read my blog but not the Thousand Parsec news feed, you might have missed my wrap up of our Summer of Code. You can find the complete post here, some highlights include;

According to Oholo, over the summer the students made a total of 371 commits to our public repository, changing a total of 39,050 lines of code.


Participating in the Summer of Code has meant that students from around the world have started trying to figure out how to make Thousand Parsec part of their course work. One such student is Nathan Partlan aka greywhind who is doing a full year internship with Thousand Parsec.

You should check it out.

GSoC Mentor Summit

Well, I am currently sitting in the famous Googleplex. I’m attending the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit that Google paid to fly me out for, which is very very cool (thanks Google!). I have never been to the USA before, so I have about 3 days next week to look around the San Francisco bay area.

Work was suprisingly cool about me disappearing for a week and a half when I had only been working there for 4 weeks!

As I have said previously, the Summer of Code was a really cool program to be part of and we had some really cool success. Hopefully we can get in again next year!