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I’m free!

I have been meaning to post here for quite a while but have been busy doing nothing.

As anyone who chats on IRC with me knows, I got my “Eligible to Graduate” letter from my University. This means that as of the 31st of July I will officially have both a “Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology and Telecommunications)” and a “Bachelor of Arts” in Philosophy. I’ve been studying at Uni for 5+1/2 years, so I will be glad to finally leave. The last 6 months of Uni have been the most enjoyable because I have spent most of the time working on my Honours project, I did pretty well (ended up with 94% which is a High Distinction).

I’ve been working on a little contract that I picked up off the Linux Australia jobs list. Sadly it’s not open source, but it should tide me over for about a month. I badly need to update my Resume as I haven’t needed it for about 4 years.

I’m still yet to calculate the numbers to work out if going commercial with my Honours project is going to be worth pursuing. David Rowie has been giving me some advice and templates to work with. He has been working embedded Asterisk which is very cool.

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