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TV Idiots

People are continually talking about the end of Television. The TV executives blame people downloading off the Internet via “peer to peer” for there gradual decline. TV series are a huge part of most television programming, viewers get hooked and then continually tune in.

However, the idiots who schedule TV series are ruining them for everyone. TV series need consistent time slots to keep building suspense and grow viewers. Having inconsistent breaks and time slots ruins that processes and drives ratings down. How are people going to know to tune in to the program if they can never be sure it’ll be on?

Inconsistent breaks and timing killed Lost and Prison Break for me, the breaks ruined the suspense both programs rely on and I’m no longer watching either. The recent break in Heroes really dampened the enthusiasm I had for the program.

Another huge problem which happens very often in Australian TV is that they mix old episodes with new episodes to make seasons longer. This confuses continuing stories and characters which have died randomly reappear. As well, they continually advertise things as new episodes when they are actually airing repeats. They are particularly bad with programs like NCIS or Law and Order.

Why are commercial TV stations trying to destroying themselves?

Compare this to our national broadcaster ABC, which now has full VOD casts of all their productions. I don’t have to worry about missing things like the Chaser as I can just go and download them later.

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